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I think of myself as a connector. I travel between circles and I leave them overlapped. I’m a bashful extrovert – a shy socialite. Sometimes I’m afraid of my voice… so I write. At times I try to hide in the shadows but my light often leaves me exposed. I’m wide open even when I am closed. I’m bare naked even when I am clothed. I want to soar but I’m afraid to leap. I want to be heard yet I’m afraid to speak.



BIO: Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Naimah is a servant of the Creator, mother, event planner, promoter, and lover of the arts & entertainment!  She began leading youth initiatives that sought to fill community needs at the tender age of ten.  From baby sitting services to youth field trips, Naimah was committed to ensuring that her generation played an integral role in community life. As a college student she helped to organize a myriad of events including open mic poetry nights and emcee battles.  At 18, she started her own event planning company called Nfinite Productions under which she organized a youth summit, parties, and banquets. After the birth of her first son, Naimah took a break from her business and decided to go back to school where she would later graduate with honors with a BS in Urban Arts Production from Coppin State University. In 2009, Naimah partnered with Karim Amin to relaunch Nfinite Productions LLC, and introduce  new event series, Salaam Sunday and Day One. Salaam Sunday is an open mic and artist showcase that featured acclaimed entertainers from all over the US and abroad! Day One is an annual New Year’s Day Music and Entertainment Cruise on the Chesapeake Bay that attracts hundreds of people from all over the US.

Since the 2009 relaunch, Naimah has been called on to organize, book entertainment, and promote for a plethora of individuals and organizations. Her clientele includes but is not limited to Groove Phi Groove Inc, Muslimat Al Nisaa, Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks, Clara Muhummad Schools,Leftist, Enspire,  The Muslim Journal, and Coppin State University.

Naimah plans to continue to follow her passions for event planning and arts & entertainment. She has always found herself in the most exciting places surrounded by the most awesome people! Her blog was created to allow others to come along with her and witness her journey to success!

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