Salaam Sunday aftermath

video Info
  • April 15th had to be the best Salaam Sunday EVER because it was also Khalil Ismail’s album release concert! The entire day was incredibly amazing! I invited all the performers and staff to my house for Sunday brunch. I made crab cakes, eggs, pan cakes, potato salad, salad, roasted veggies, and  some other yummy dishes. mmmmmmm it was soooo good! After that, we went to the mall for manicures and pedicures. Shout to  Alkebulan, Tyson, Anas, and  Tahir! You brothas put the MAN in MANicures :).

    The show was all that and a bag of doritos! In addition to the electrifying performances,  I met some really talented and cool people. After the show we had a photo shoot and cypher in a Baltimore alley (scary…not really). We ended the night and started the next morning at Double T diner. Good times! Thanks to everyone that came out!

    Footage from the show is below

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